The Little Things - Blogs are so 2000, or are they?

Are blogs a thing of the past? Are we a society of scrollers, no longer interested engaging in content with words; solely catchy songs, dance moves, one liners and dare I say challenges? Perhaps. But I am old school. Did you know I went to NYU while I was attending college for my Bachelors degree to earn a certificate in Journalism? I love to write. I love to write poetry, love letters, long texts, songs, business pitches.. I love communication through written word.

So why not add that as part of my professional journey here. I intend to have this be space or place of reference, where I will go over some great farming techniques. I also want it to be a resource for families, for parents to get inspired by some of my projects and interactive learning ideas, that maybe aren't my clients.

I am excited to take you a long the journey of a farmer florist on the East End of Long Island. It sure is a unique place to be a farmer and I hope you'll enjoy my ramblings each week.

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