Little Farmers Learning - Growing into 2022

2021 has been a year! I've been so blessed to have grown alongside a lot of little farmers. As kiddos look towards a New Year, it might be a fun activity to sit them down and have them go through this pretty neat and inspiring worksheet. It could be fun to share with a group of fellow parents, family, friends and get on zoom and compare.

One idea to make it more interactive would be to have your little farmer draw a picture of themselves instead of an actual photo, I bet you'll get some pretty creative drawings portraying themselves. After they go through their best of list, perhaps one by one you can revisit their favorite things of the year. The movie will give you a little break, the song hopefully some fun time to dance around together, book an opportunity to read together, toy to play with and maybe suggest sharing with their sibling or friend and lastly food that you can snack on together. Maybe all of that is a bit of a stretch to accomplish, that's alright - at the very least re-watching a favorite movie is sure to provide for a win win experience.

If you're a client you might make the 'happy new year' & 'goals sections', garden specific and tell them that Farmer Arielle will make sure we accomplish those goals and is excited to see their answers! If you're not a client you can still make them category specific or keep their options wide open, that's the great thing about setting intentions they can be a loose or directed so long as there's something to strive for!

Looking forward to setting intentions with my Little Farmers Program in mind and excited to grow with you in 2022.

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