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Vegetable Garden

Garden Planning

Grow Your Own Groceries

Harvest at Home

All design options tailored to your home and budget. Let's grow together!

Let's Plant Your Garden: Testimonials
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Schedule a consultation for your garden to identify your family’s unique interests, needs, and preferences. 

We aim to bring healthy produce started from seed, just out your back door into the kitchen and on to the plate! Let's chat about what you like to eat, how long it takes to grow and how each crop can fit into your space and families diet. 

Image by Jonathan Kemper


We can install and plant your edible garden based on the plan set forth after our consultation. 

We set you on the path to success to grow your own groceries! Then, it’s up to you to decide how much or how little work you’d like to do yourself. Or how we can help you keep up with your garden through out the growing season! 

Vegetable Picking

If you’re already a passionate gardener, the raised bed installation/planting might be all you need to get started.
For those who lack the green thumbs, time, or interest to maintain the garden on their own, we plant and execute maintenance and care plans.

Kids Gardening

Alongside your garden we are happy to provide educational science based learning for your children or pod group. Our educational services are designed for groups of children and include a craft activity and outdoor education.

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